Rose (Rosa centifolia)

Rosa centifolia (Centifolia Latin for 100 petals), also known as the Provence Rose, Cabbage Rose or Rose de Mai is a hybrid rose developed by Dutch rose breeders in the period between the 1600s and the 1800s, possibly earlier. It is a complex hybrid bred from Rosa gallica, Rosa moschata, Rosa canina, and Rosa damascena (Huxley 1992); its exact hereditary history is not well documented. Rosa centifolia is particular to the French city of Grasse, known as the perfume capital of the world. It is widely cultivated for its singular fragrance -- clear and sweet, with light notes of honey and green earth.

The flowers are commercially harvested for the production of rose oil, which is commonly used in perfumery.Rose essential oil also known as "Otto" is credited with being an exotic aphrodisiac, an emollient.

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