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Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) is a species of pine native to Eurasia, ranging from Western Europe to Eastern Siberia, south to the Caucasus Mountains and Anatolia and north up into the Arctic Circle and Scandinavia.

Through steam distillation an essential oil is extracted from the needles which is very appreciated in the cosmetic, pharmacy and aromatherapy industries, for its pine forest aroma and medicinal properties.

Pine needle oil consists mainly of monoterpene hydrocarbons, mainly of pinene, carene and limonene.

Scots pine has been known to have quite a wide range of medicinal uses, being valued especially for its antiseptic action and beneficial effect upon the respiratory system. Internally for colds in the respiratory tracts; externally to treat rheumatic complaints (heat therapy) and for nerve pain.

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