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Alkanet Root (Alkanna tinctoria)

Alkanet or dyers' bugloss (Alkanna tinctoria) is a plant in the borage family Boraginaceae with a bright blue flower, used to provide a red dye. Alkanet is grown in the south of France and on the shores of the Levant. It has a dark red root of blackish appearance externally but blue-red inside, with a whitish core.

The root produces a fine red coloring material which has been used as a cloth dye and to give color to tinctures, vegetable oils, wines, varnishes, and even as a wood stain.

Alkanet is traditionally used in Indian food under the name ratan jot, and lends its red colour to some versions of the curry dish rogan josh. In Australia, alkanet is approved for use as a food colouring, but in the European Union, it is not. It has been used as colorant for lipstick and rouge.

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