Grape (Vitis vinifera)

Vitis vinifera, the common grape vine, is a species of Vitis, native to the Mediterranean region, central Europe, and southwestern Asia, from Morocco and Portugal north to southern Germany and east to northern Iran.

There are currently between 5,000 and 10,000 varieties of Vitis vinifera grapes though only a few are of commercial significance for wine and table grape production.

Use of grapes is known to date back to Neolithic times, following the discovery in 1996 of 7,000-year-old wine storage jars in present-day northern Iran. Further evidence shows the Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians had vine plantations and winemaking skills. Greek philosophers praised the healing powers of grapes both whole and in the form of wine. Vitis vinifera cultivation and winemaking in China began during the Han Dynasty in the 2nd century with the importation of the species from Ta-Yuan.

Using the sap of grapevines, European folk healers sought to cure skin and eye diseases. Other historical uses include the leaves being used to stop bleeding, pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids. Unripe grapes were used for treating sore throats, and raisins were given as treatments for consumption (tuberculosis), constipation and thirst. Ripe grapes were used for the treatment of cancer, cholera, smallpox, nausea, skin and eye infections as well as kidney and liver diseases.

From the seeds of the grape an oil, grape seed oil (also called grapeseed oil or grape oil) is extracted. Because of the production of wine-making this by-product is abundant. Grapeseed oil is extracted by expressing the seeds in a process known as cold press.

Grapeseed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for control of skin moisturization. It contains more linoleic acid than many other oils. Grape seeds contain several antioxidants, including oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, along with high amounts of resveratrol which show some health benefits. Grapeseed oil is wonderful for people with skin sensitivities because of its natural non-allergenic properties. It also contains moderate amounts of Vitami E.

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