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By Valenti Organics, (BVO) is a growing family owned 100% Italian bath, body and skin care brand founded by International Contemporary Italian Artist Manuela Valenti, formulating and manufacturing its products right here in the US with strict and high quality standards to ensure products are effective while being completely safe for consumers and our environment. We don't outsource our production to China and most of the ingredients we use are of Certified Organic origins farmed or produced in the US, Spain, Italy, France and Mexico among other countries.

BVO is the exclusive distributor for By Valenti Organics line of cosmetics, bath and body products in the USA, which means your company deals directly with ours, the manufacturers and producers, no middle man and no expensive distribution channels. Best of all with our state-of-the-art online ordering system, you won't have to deal with outdated and slow purchase orders. Simply login to your company's account on our website, add the product(s) you need for your inventory to your shopping bag, checkout and done.

Find the right program for your business

Drop Shipping

Perfect for small, medium and large online retail businesses, that don't want to deal with inventory keeping, shipping and returns. List our products on your website, sell and we ship for you directly to your clients.

30% on MSRP
NO minimum order
NO annual quota
Login, shop for your clients, we do all the shipping


Great for small, medium or large brick & mortar businesses looking to grow their roster of brands.

40% on MSRP
Minimum Opening Order (first time order) of $500 on New Accounts
Minimum Reorder of $200
No Annual Quota

Meet some basic requirements

Account Requirements

It's easy to apply for a Wholesale or Drop Shipping Account. Simply meet the following requirements:

  • Your business must be established as a legal business entity
  • Your business must have a government-issued Tax ID Number and a Sales Tax License Number

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