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Thank you for your interest in By Valenti Organics Wholesale & Business Opportunities!

By Valenti Organics, (BVO) is a growing family owned 100% Italian bath, body and skin care brand founded by International Contemporary Italian Artist Manuela Valenti, formulating and manufacturing its products right here in the US with strict and high quality standards to ensure products are effective while being completely safe for consumers and our environment. We don't outsource our production to China and most of the ingredients we use are of Certified Organic origins farmed or produced in the US, Spain, Italy, France and Mexico among other countries.

If you own or manage a Gift Shop, Hotel, Spa, Online Retail Store or any other Bath & Body Store, and you believe BVO's line of sensible and natural products would be a great addition for your customer base please keep reading to get you started with a wholesale account for you company.

BVO is the exclusive distributor for By Valenti Organics line of cosmetics, bath and body products in the USA, which means your company deals directly with ours, the manufacturers and producers, no middle man and no expensive distribution channels. Best of all with our state-of-the-art online ordering system, you won't have to deal with outdated and slow purchase orders. Simply login to your company's account on our website, add the product(s) you need for your inventory to your shopping bag, checkout and done.

Low annual quota, very low minimum order and re-ordering amounts

Perfect for small, medium and large retail businesses that would like to expand their roster of brands with BVO products. Our low minimum opening order, reorder amount and low annual quota to keep your account going makes it easy to purchase products based on your business needs whichever they might be.

Minimum Opening Order Amount: A minimum opening (first time) order on new accounts of $500.
Minimum Reorder Amount: $200 per order.
Minimum Annual Quota:

Account Requirements

It's easy to apply for a Wholesale Account. Simply meet the following requirements:

- Your business must be established as a legal business entity, such as corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship, or the equivalent in your country.

- If established in the US, your business must have a government-issued Tax ID Number (TIN) also called Employment ID Number (EIN) and a Sales Tax License Number. International businesses must provide equivalent business registration documents and numbers.

- Your business must collect and remit all applicable sales and use taxes to the IRS or the respective government agency in your country.

Ready to get started?

Please carefully read below all the steps to sign up for your Wholesale Account

Step 1
Download the corresponding forms for your business:
- US Registered Businesses -----> Download PDF Forms
- International businesses -----> Download PDF Forms

Step 2
Register an Account. Make sure to enter your company's name during the registration.

Step 3
Provide a copy of your Sales Tax License along with your signed forms.

Step 4
Mail forms and a copy of your Sales Tax License to:
By Valenti Organics
PO Box 183325,
Shelby Twp. MI, 48318.


Email your documents to

**Please allow 7-10 business days for the review and approval of your account.


+ 1. Who can apply for a wholesale account?

- Only already established small, medium or large size businesses with valid Tax ID and Sales Tax License that require to keep an inventory stock for their business.

+ 2. I have an e-commerce online store, can I sign up for this level?

- Yes, as long as you can keep inventory as we no longer offer drop shipping.

+ 3. Can you drop ship to my clients?

- No. We no longer offer drop shipping.

+ 4. What's the minimum order amount?

- The minimum order amount for all wholesale account is $200.

+ 5. What's the minimum annual quota?

- The minimum annual quota for your wholesale account to remain active is $500.

+ 6. What payment methods do you offers?

- We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Check/Money Order. SquareUp customers, can request to be invoiced. Qualified business accounts have the option to pay via Purchase Order/Credit Account (Net 30).

+ 7. Where can I find the Terms & Conditions for Wholesalers/Drop Shippers?

- For our Term & Conditions please visit

+ 8. Are there any monthly, hidden or yearly fees I should be aware of?

- None. We don't charge any hidden fees, monthly fees or yearly fees.

+ 9. Can I buy single units or do I have to buy in bulk?

- You can purchase single units or order in bulk.

+ 10. What's the Wholesale price?

- 40% discount on MSRP prices.