Our website was cloned

We were recently made aware our website www.byvalenti.com was cloned by unscrupulous individuals who are up to no good, that means they're not only violating our trademarks and copyrighted material, but they're trying to scam consumers into believing they're purchasing from us.

Although this website might look identical it is not.

The website's URL looks like someone suffered a stroke and couldn't spell: https://ytnau.vxqkjb.best/

Upon close inspection our team was able to locate and contact both the hosting company and the registrar of the domain.

Authorities including the FBI have been notified of this scam. It's a matter of time before this website and whatever other website exists are taken down.

What can you do to protect yourself against fraud and scams?

There's only ONE By Valenti Organics, and that is us. Verify at all times the URL from where you're browsing is www.byvalenti.com and do not shop anywhere else for our products.

If you have been scammed by this or other similar clone/fake website, contact the FBI and report it.


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