Prioritizing Safety in Beauty

Are the skincare products you use tested and optimized?

According to the latest poll, 72% of cosmetic labs don't have enough time to test and optimize formulas.

That means 72% of products on the market right now may not have been properly tested to ensure they don't pose a threat to your wellbeing, or perform as intended.

Are the skincare products you use tested and optimized?

Recently, we took part in an industry survey by Cosmetics & Toiletries, posing a crucial question to cosmetic formulators and labs:

Is there sufficient time in the lab for testing and optimizing formulas?

This query, seemingly straightforward, is pivotal for any reputable cosmetic lab, with the expected answer being a resolute YES—a stance we proudly share.

However, the results were unexpectedly concerning: only 28% responded affirmatively, while a significant 72% indicated a lack of adequate time. This revelation suggests that a vast majority of cosmetics on the market might not undergo thorough testing for safety, efficacy, or purity, posing potential risks to consumer health and wellness.

Manuela Valenti, our founder, has consistently emphasized the critical impact of cosmetic products on skin health, advocating for meticulous testing and optimization. This stance is underscored by the rushed nature of many brands aiming to capture market share in the highly competitive beauty industry, often at the expense of product quality and consumer safety.

On a positive note, a dedicated 28% of labs, including ours, prioritize comprehensive testing to ensure our products meet the highest standards before they reach consumers. This situation underscores the need for stricter regulatory oversight in the cosmetics industry to safeguard consumer interests and well-being.

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