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Certificato regalo elettronico

Certificato regalo elettronico

Regala i prodotti By Valenti Natural Skincare tutto l'anno!

Invia via e-mail al tuo amico o alla persona amata un buono regalo elettronico in qualsiasi momento e per qualsiasi occasione in pochi minuti.

Seleziona l'importo, aggiungilo al carrello ed effettua il checkout. Il nostro sistema si prenderà cura di tutto il resto.

Preferisci una versione più tangibile? Nessun problema! Invia invece una carta fisica! <a href="">CLICCA QUI PER INVIARE LA CARTA REGALO</a>

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the what and the how


You can add the amount you want to your shopping bag and checkout. You will receive an email with your gift card's unique code. Just follow the instructions in the email to send your friend or loved one the gift card.


  • Select the amount you want to send.
  • Include a recipient, and a message by checking the box next to "I want to send this as a gift".
  • Need it emailed at a specific date? Just select a date in the calendar.
  • Add the e-gift card to your shopping bag, and checkout.

Our system will take care of the rest! 

To redeem an e-Gift Card simply enter the code during checkout.


  • You can use all or some of the funds in the card to pay for your order.
  • If the order is greater than the amount available on the card you will be required to add an additional form of payment during checkout. If the order is lower than the amount available on the card, the remaining funds will be stored in the card for later use.
  • To know the remaining balance on the card, check the email you received or contact us if you've lost or no longer have the email. We'll send a balance update to the original recipient of the e-gift card.
  • e-Gift Cards remain valid for 5 years from the date of purchase or from the last date any additional money was loaded onto the card.


Is there a limit on the number of e-Gift Cards I can purchase?

— There's no limit on the number of e-Gift Cards you can purchase. Just to be sure, check with your credit card in the eventuality they do impose limits.

How would I do to purchase and send several cards with different demonitation to different people?

— Add the amount you want to send, enter the information of the recipient and any message you want to include, select a date for us to deliver the card (optional) and add to your shopping bag. Repeat this for every person you want to send them a gift card.

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