• Step 4 of BVO's System - Nourishing is the last step in our System and it also follows a set of rules.

    Aqueous or water based serums go first! These serums absorbed rather quickly into the outer layer of the skin. Lotions and creams follow right behind! Lotions and creams are emulsions that combine both water, active ingredients and oils into one mighty powerful product. Oils are the Cherry on Top! Oils or oil-based serums are the last one to go on my face to seal in moisture and protect, allowing the slow release active ingredients to work.

    TIP: To prevent smothering my skin, the serums and oils in my collection are applied throughout the week rather than all on top of each other.

  • Black Clay Facial Soap — $19.00
  • Olive Facial Cleansing Oil — $28.00

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