Get your Returnables ready!

Welcome and thank you for returning your empties!

Follow these steps carefully to safely return your empties back to us for a refund.

  1. Collect all empty glass bottles and jars you wish to return.
  2. Do not remove the labels. We only accept our own product packing in our RETURNforCASH program. Containers without labels won't be accepted and won't count towards your refund.
  3. Remove pumps, sprayers and droppers from bottles. These tops can be washed, sanitized and reused for your refills. Learn more
  4. Wash the inside of the bottles and jars with soapy water to remove all product residue. Let containers air dry before packing your empties for return.
  5. Screw metal caps from the refill bottles onto the empty bottle. Do the same with the jars. If no metal cap was provided with your refills, or you haven't ordered a refill yet, stuff the top of the bottle with some newspaper or cotton to prevent any residue or humidity left in the bottle from spilling out into the box.
  6. Pack the empty clean containers in a cardboard box. Protect the glass from breakage by wrapping each container with newspaper or other biodegradable packing material. Place containers in the box and fill any empty space with more packing material if necessary. Avoid using bubble wrap or styrofoam packing peanuts.
  7. Download the Return Card (link below). Print and fill with the required information, and place in the box with your returnables.
  8. Weight and measure the box. Do not seal it with packing tape just yet.
  9. Fill out the form below with the information requested, so we can email you a shipping label and instructions on how to.

What shouldn't be included with your containers:

  • Metal tin cans.
  • Containers without labels. These won't be accepted and won't count towards your refund.
  • Cardboard tubes and boxes. You can either reuse them or properly dispose of them.
  • Toppers, (droppers, sprayers or pumps).

When would I get paid?

Once we receive your empties we will take care of the recycling part and credit your account the total amount for your refund within 4-6 weeks.

RETURNforCASH refunds are provided in the form of e-Gift Certificates. Keep an eye for an email from us!