Return for Cash

BVO's Return for Cash Program, formerly Empties Return Program is the only skincare program in the world helping you do the right thing: return your empty cosmetic bottles and jars to keep our fragile environment free of one time use containers, and we pay you for it!

Our addiction to plastics needs to stop

The average consumer uses at least 5 to 10 products every day between shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, tooth paste and lotions, and that doesn't include the number of products we women use on our daily regular routine, concealers, foundations, eye shadows, blush, mascara, eyeliners, and more! Add all those empty packages, bottles, jars, and that's a lot of one-time-use containers and tops that will end up in a landfill year after year!

Ideally we would all use glass, metal or paper, as these are easy to recycle, but the reality is breaking our codependency with plastic is not as easy as it sounds. Lotions, conditioners and shampoos in bottles, even glass bottles, sometimes require a pump to get the product out.
These pumps and sprayers are made out of plastic, and even though many of us don't need them or want them the reality is the majority do, and that majority is in the billions of people globally.

Breaking our love affair with plastics

As long as we have a plastic industry we won't, but there are things we CAN do to minimize the use of plastic:

• Buy your favorite products in glass bottles, glass jars, metal tins or paper and avoid products packed in plastic containers and pouches.

• Recycle/Repurpose/Reuse as much as you can.

• Favor companies like By Valenti Organics that offer not only amazing truly natural products, but pack them in refillable bottles and jars.

• Be responsible with your trash. Contact your local recycling facilities and find out how can you recycle in more responsible ways.

It's all in the little things...

We made it easier for you to do the right thing with your empties.

As committed as we are in formulating and manufacture truly the best, healthiest natural skin care & body products, while packing them in responsible containers made with reusable, recyclable or biodegradable materials as much as possible, we wanted to go a step forward and get those empty containers back to us, to refill them when possible and prevent them from ending up in landfills.

- We made it easy for you! -



Products packed in glass bottles are topped with metal caps. An option to purchase to the same product + a totally free pump, sprayer or dropper is available right on the product's page. Simply select from the drop-down menu the option you need.


If you already have a bottle of lotion with a pump, and you need to place a new order for the same or similar product, purchase instead a replacement bottle without the plastic pump and reuse the one you already have. That's one less pump in our landfills times billions!


Return it for Cash! Just like you would do with your empty soda cans, simply mail the empty containers back to us, for a cash refund back to your account. We will clean them, sterilize them and refill them or properly discard them if they can no longer be reused.

That's billions of bottles out of the landfills, and billions of bottles that don't need to be made and purchased again!


• Rinse the empty containers, and seal them with the metal cap from your refill bottle. Do not remove the labels. We only accept our own containers.

• Wash pumps, sprayers and droppers by running soapy water, clean water and alcohol through the system to disinfect them.

• Once clean and dry attach them to the refill bottle.

• Collect as many empty glass bottles and jars as you can!

• Wrap each container in newspaper or any recyclable material, pack all containers safely in a box.

• Contact Us! We will email you a form that needs to be included in the box and a free shipping label so you can mail your empties back to us.

Once we receive all you packaging and inspect the bottles, the total amount displayed on the labels of your returnables, will be credited to your account.


• Soap boxes. You can place those in your recycling bin with newspapers and cardboard.

• Containers that aren't ours.

Here are some tips...

• Save as many empty and clean containers as you can.

• Choose the right box to mail your empties back to us.

• Use plenty of environmentally friendly packing material such as newspaper to prevent breakage.

• Don't forget to order your refill bottles!

• Remove the pumps, sprayers or droppers from your empties and replace with the metal caps.

• Share pictures with the world! Take pictures of your BVO Refill Bottles, or the box with all the empties you're about to mail. Share on social media using the following tags:

#byvalentiorganics #byvalenti #RETURNforCASH and tag us @byvalentiorganics.

#byvalenti #RETURNforCASH and tag us @byvalenti.