Our Story

Manuela Valenti founded by valenti™ ORGANICS in early 2007 after desperately seeking relief for the decades old undiagnosed dermatitis that plagued her leaving 90% of her body covered in scars.

After a lifetime of skin allergies, irritation, and chronic pruritus that led to infected wounds and permanent scaring, Manuela took a closer look at what was really causing her discomfort, and found both commercial skin care products and body soaps even the apparent "natural" ones were, and had been for decades, harming her skin due to the high levels of irritants, low grade ingredients, unbalanced formulas and harmful chemicals they were formulated with.

With a PhD in Psychology, a successful 30+ career in art under her belt, armed with nothing more than a centuries old family soap recipe, and her mother's knowledge on natural remedies and botany, using herself as test subject Manuela took it upon herself the task to formulate a soap to end her decades long allergies, rashes, skin infections, and discomfort.

Always manufactured with the best natural, organic and most researched active ingredients, by valenti™ ORGANICS offers today a full line of luxurious skin care, bath & body products, specifically formulated for extremely sensitive, reactive, dermatitis and eczema skins, that follow the same principle and high quality standards we are so well known for.

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It's always been about Lavender

Lavender has a very personal meaning for Valenti. It represents a deep connection with her ancestors, mostly with her mother.

It was her mother's favorite scent, one she missed from her homeland, Tuscany, and as an amateur botanist the one she knew very well. Growing up, Valenti saw lavender preset everywhere in her home and life, sometimes in the most subtle of ways.

It was present in the sachets her mother made and tucked in the closets, for freshness and aroma; the oil added to the cleaning bucket to deodorize and disinfect the home; lavender was the color her mom loved the most, the one that adorned Valenti's flower bouquet when she got married over 30 years ago; and the plant that sits atop her mother's tomb, which Valenti planted herself.

Formulating her cosmetic products based on Lavender, was Valenti's tribute to her mom and her family's roots.


Since 2007

Leaders in Natural Skincare

by valenti™ ORGANICS is one of the first companies to sign the "Compact For Safe Cosmetics" Initiative and was awarded “Champion”, the highest recognition given by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics along with the Environmental Working Group.

by valenti™ ORGANICS set up really high standards in the cosmetics industry as one of only 321 skin care companies that met and surpassed the requirements for the Compact for Safe Cosmetics Act out of the over 1500 that signed it.

“These companies are leading the cosmetics industry toward safety, showing it’s possible to make products with full transparency and without using hazardous chemicals,” said Janet Nudelman, program director of the Breast Cancer Fund, a founding member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. The new report released November 30, 2011, “Market Shift: The story of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and the growth in demand for safe cosmetics,” describes the seven-year project during which the nonprofit organizations that make up the Campaign worked with companies in a unique partnership to raise the bar for safer personal care products.


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