Are the skincare products you use tested and optimized?


Last week we participated in an industry poll we thought would be interesting to know the answers to. The poll, organized by Cosmetics & Toiletries, had just one question intended for cosmetic formulators and labs:

Do you have enough time in the lab to test and optimize formulas?

One simple question that any respectable cosmetic lab should know the right answer to. And in case you're wondering the right and ONLY answer to this question should be YES! (that was our answer in case you're wondering).

But to our surprise only 28% answered correctly. While a staggering 72% answered no. That is alarming!

According to this poll 72% of the cosmetic labs polled don't have the time to properly test and optimize their formulas. That means 72% of products on the market right now may not have been properly tested at all to make sure they don't pose a threat to your wellbeing, perform as intended, or are free of harmful pathogens.

Our founder Manuela Valenti has said it hundreds if not thousands of times, "A soap can make or break your skin." And that applies to absolutely every cosmetic product, not only soaps. She sure knows a thing or two about the permanent damage using the wrong soap can do to your skin.

It seems brands of all sizes are more interested in taking a piece of the multi-billion dollar industry — which explains why the market is so overly saturated —, by pushing out new products as quickly as possible in an endless race for the next "big seller", rather than actually helping consumers by providing the right solutions for their pain points.

The good news is 28% of us, do take our jobs quite seriously, making sure our products are properly tested before they reach your door.

Perhaps it's time for more regulations when it comes to cosmetics.

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