By Valenti Organics is USDA Certified Organic!

By Valenti Organics is USDA Certified Organic!

UPDATED 05/09/2022

We're proud to announce we have finally obtained USDA Organic Certification from the Global Organic Alliance (GOA) on 5 of our products, Cardamom & Patchouli Balancing Facial Oil (discontinued), Lavender & Lime Bath & Body Oil, Cocco Tanning Oil, Lavender & Calendula Baby Balm and Lavender & Lime Lip Balm (being repackaged).

"It's been a 2 year long tedious process, filled with unfortunately lots and lots of paper part of a complicated and inefficient plan, but despite all the obstacles we're beyond thrilled to have achieved this mile stone," CEO and Founder Manuela Valenti said. "This validates our core business values as they have existed since the founding of By Valenti Organics, and proven our commitment to innovation and manufacturing integrity."

Through years of research, testing and dedication, BVO has developed effective, healthy and environmentally conscious skincare, bath & body products for men, women and kids, using the best certified organic ingredients from around the world.

We will continue our commitment to our clients and to our planet, and we will keep pushing the boundaries of natural healthy skin care.


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