Join us! Become a Skin Care Tester

Do you love skin care, and bath and body products? Showering with exotic soaps, or perhaps bathing with a new relaxing milk bath? How about a body lotion? Then you're in the right place!

For years we've kept our Testers Group by invitation only, but 2023 is the year of change! We've opened By Valenti ORGANICS Testers Group and everyone is invited!

What's a Cosmetics Tester?

A Cosmetics Tester is nothing more than someone who loves cosmetics and testing them to help make them better for everyone!

From soaps to lotions, facial serums and everything in between, we here at By Valenti rely on our testers to let us know how our formulas perform.

Our testers are the foundation of That's what have set us apart from other natural skincare brands, and how we know they not only work they're the best!

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