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Jabón en Barra Pineta Barcola

Jabón en Barra Pineta Barcola

Purifying cleansing soap

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Inspirada en mi hermosa ciudad de Trieste, Italia, y parte de mi nueva colección TRST, Pineta Barcola recuerda los tiempos de verano bajo los árboles en el bosque de pinos a solo unos metros de la orilla del mar Adriático en Barcola.

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• Its balanced formula combines an array of vegetable oils of olive, coconut, grape seed, castor peach kernel and rapeseed oil, for a soft creamy lather.
• French Breton and Adriatic Sea salts, French Illite Green Clay, and Bentonite Montmorillnite Clay to deeply cleanse, replenish skin of mineral and nourish.
• Fresh earthy scent of pines and cedar wood.
• Naturally colored with Indigo and Spirulina powders, boost the overall health and radiant skin appearance, preventing acne build up and swelling.


Creamy silky lather, a blend of powerful natural clays and blue spruce extract, provide the best anti-acne medicine packed in one mighty powerful soap.

Pineta Barcola is perfect as a daily soap for all skin types and concerns. Recommended for people with dermatitis, sensitive and acne prone skins.


Half gray blue and and half gray green, freshly scented, Pineta Barcola feels like showering in the middle of a pine forest after a warm summer shower.


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  • By Valenti Organics Cruelty Free Skin Care


    Because who would want to test on animals?

  • By Valenti Organics the only skin care brand truly aligned with real environmental practices. Natural Clean Skincare.


    Returnable packaging means no trash

  • Natural Skin Care Parabens and Phthalates Free By Valenti Organics Natural Clean Vegan Skin Care


    Because there's no need for this yuck in skincare

  • Effective Natural Clean Vegan Skincare Free of Toxic Chemicals By Valenti Organics Natural Cosmetics

    Toxic Free

    Because there's no need for this other yuck

  • By Valenti Organics Woman Owned Woman Formulated

    Woman Owned

    Woman owned, formulated, and lead

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transparencia de los ingredientes desde 2007, porque usted tiene derecho a saber

el qué y el cómo


Hacer espuma, frotar y enjuagar. Barra de jabón húmedo. Con una esponja, una toallita, una bolsa de jabón o con las manos, haga espuma con el jabón. Frote directamente sobre la piel durante unos segundos para lavar la piel y eliminar la suciedad, la suciedad o el sudor. Enjuague con agua limpia y repita si es necesario.

Deje que el jabón se seque al aire entre usos.

DIVULGACIÓN: El jabón pica si cae en los ojos. Esto es normal. No, no es un defecto del jabón. Todos los jabones pican cuando entran en contacto con las membranas mucosas como los ojos. Si el jabón cae en los ojos, enjuague con agua limpia y fresca. La irritación causada es temporal y desaparecerá.


Aceite de oliva virgen extra orgánico (Olea europea) , Aceite de oliva virgen extra certificado Bureau Veritas (Olea europea) , Aceite de coco orgánico (Cocos nucifera) , Aqua/Eau/Water (Agua purificada) , Manteca de karité virgen orgánica (Vitellaria paradoxa) , Sodio Hidróxido, aceite de semilla de uva orgánico (Vitis vinifera) , aceite de ricino orgánico (Ricinus communis) , aceite de semilla de melocotón orgánico (Prunus persica) , aceite de colza orgánico (Brassica napus) , sal del mar Adriático (cloruro de sodio) , sal bretona francesa orgánica (sodio ). cloruro) , polvo de espirulina orgánica (Arthrospira platensis) , polvo de índigo orgánico (Indigofera tinctoria) , AE de aguja de abeto (Abies sibirica) , AE de lavanda orgánica (Lavandula angustifolia) , AE de aguja de pino búlgaro (Pinus sylvestris) , AE de abeto (Tsuga canadesis) , AE Gaulteria (Gaultheria procumbens) , AE Limón Orgánico (Citrus limon) , Arcilla Verde Francesa (Illita) , Arcilla Bentonita (Montmorillonita) , Extracto de Picea Azul (Picea pungens) , AE Atlas de Madera de Cedro Orgánica (Cedrus atlantica) , Ciprés Orgánico s AE (Cupressus sempervirens) , AE Orgánico de Pino Silvestre (Pinus sylvestris) .

AE = Aceite Esencial
Orgánico = Orgánico Certificado

Este producto contiene un 85,54 % de ingredientes orgánicos certificados según los cálculos del USDA NOP.

Para obtener más información sobre cómo se hace un verdadero jabón, visite ¿Es un jabón o una barra de detergente?
+La lista de ingredientes puede cambiar o variar de vez en cuando. Consulte la lista de ingredientes en el paquete del producto que recibe para obtener la lista de ingredientes más actualizada.

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Customer Reviews

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Travis M.
The best soap I've ever used

This is the best soap I have ever used! I have sensitive skin and have always had trouble with dryness and itching after showering. Since I started using this soap, I have not had these problems. My favorites are the pineta barcola and the Japanese tea tree bar soaps. The black lava bar soap is a nice change up too! If you are looking for a soap that cleans well and is easy on your skin, I highly recommend trying these soaps. If you have any questions their customer service is great so I would highly encourage you to reach out to them.

Rodrigo M.
Showering with this soap

Showering with this soap is like showering in a pine forest after a summer rain. I'm really impressed by the quality of the ingredients, the packaging, the scent, the nice creamy foam it produces and how long it lasts. Overall a really nice product.

Jessica P.
On a facebook group

Someone mentioned on a facebook group how great this soap was so I decided to give it a try. I only bought the travel size to try it out for a couple of days, but it looks as it will last for another week so that's a plus! Smells fresh and invigorating, cleanses well without drying and my skin is incredibly soft.I'm very happy!

Kelly S.

By Valenti is simply THE BEST and MOST ETHICAL brand out there! No question! I've used all their soaps for years on my face and body and love all of them. My husband has been using this one as a shaving cream for months and swears by it! Highly recommended!

Oliver W.
After showering

After showering daily for over a month with this soap I understand why my girlfiend is obsessed with this brand. Great scent, and it lasts a long time. The ingredients list is also impresive. Overall a nice product I will definitely keep in my shower.

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