Premi e riconoscimenti

Awards and recognitions highlight By Valenti Organics' dedication to excellence in natural skincare. Our innovative approach and commitment to quality have earned accolades from prestigious industry bodies from around the world, affirming our leadership in eco-friendly, cruelty-free effective skincare. These honors reflect our pioneering spirit and success in the natural beauty industry.

Leaders in the Natural Cosmetics Industry

by valenti® ORGANICS is one of the first companies to sign the "Compact For Safe Cosmetics" Initiative and was awarded “Champion”, the highest recognition given by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics along with the Environmental Working Group.

by valenti™ ORGANICS set up really high standards in the cosmetics industry as one of only 321 skin care companies that met and surpassed the requirements for the Compact for Safe Cosmetics Act out of the over 1500 that signed it.

“These companies are leading the cosmetics industry toward safety, showing it’s possible to make products with full transparency and without using hazardous chemicals,” said Janet Nudelman, program director of the Breast Cancer Fund, a founding member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. The new report released November 30, 2011, “Market Shift: The story of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and the growth in demand for safe cosmetics,” describes the seven-year project during which the nonprofit organizations that make up the Campaign worked with companies in a unique partnership to raise the bar for safer personal care products.