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Born in Italy 🇮🇹 Made in Detroit

Handmade Facial Cotton Cleansing Rounds

Handmade Facial Cotton Cleansing Rounds

The original non irritant facial round

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The most environmentally sensible tool designed to tackle every skin care need you might have, while keeping our planet clean.

These Facial Rounds Cleansing Pads are made of 100% Organic Cotton and come in 3 sizes, large for larger areas, medium for face, and mini for the eye area.

All three sizes come in bundles of 7, one for each day of the week

Pick your favorite color white, natural or midnight blue.

Great for removing makeup, applying powders or foundations, or to gently exfoliate. The best part? They're reusable! No more disposable cotton pads! Good for you and the planet!

Toss them in the washer with your towels or wash them by hand. Hang them to dry or put them in the drier, your choice. They can handle anything.


These eco-friendly cleansing rounds are perfect to apply products to the skin, cleansers, toners and even soaps, as well as removing product off the skin. Because they're made from organic cotton, they provide a soft mechanical exfoliation removing dead skin cells and debris off the skin. Use them to remove makeup, apply oils, or as scrubbing pads in the shower.


Each bundle or set includes 7 cotton rounds.


Facial cleansing rounds are handmade from organic cotton, in three beautiful colors to pick from, natural, white or midnight blue. MINI 5 cm - 2 in diameter MEDIUM 8.26 cm - 3.25 in diameter LARGE 10 cm - 4 in diameter


Wash by hand with lukewarm water or toss in the washer with your regular detergent and similar color towels. Hang to dry or toss in the drier on cotton setting. White pads can be bleached. Do not use bleach on colored pads. To prevent loosing them in the washer or drier, string pads with rope provided. Simply pass rope through the center opening on pads and tie to prevent pads from getting lost or swallowed by your washer/drier.

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Skincare Tip

Use in place of your regular cotton ball or pad. Wet with water and/or product to remove makeup. Massage over face to get rid of all traces of makeup and dirt.

Large pads can be used in the shower with any of our bar or liquid soaps as scrubbing pads to gently exfoliate skin.

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