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Frugal spa day with week old flowers


Frugal spa day with week old flowers

At BVO we're big on recycling and up-cycling. We're always thinking on ideas on how to reuse the things we get and transform old things around our homes. Flowers are definitely not the exception!

There are quite a number of ways to reuse or recycle those week old roses you got for your birthday or valentines, but I bet you didn't think of using them for a spa day!

It takes a day or two to get everything ready, so lets get started!

Things you will need:<

Some nice soft scented towels and bathrobe (read below how easy it is to make a scented bathrobe and towels!)
Essential oil of your choice
1 cup of sea salt (from your kitchen cabinet)
A few drops of olive oil
Old roses and other scented flowers from that old flower bouquet

Preparing the petals

Carefully take the petals off the flowers. After a week they should still have some scent but be dry enough. Fresh flowers can also be used but who wants to ruin that beautiful bouquet! Place the petals in a mason jar and add a few drops of the essential oil. Put the lid back in the jar and shake so the petals get evenly covered with the oil. Let the petals rest for 24 hours in the jar.

How to make scented towels and bathrobe

If you're like me, chances are you probably don't use any of those scented fabric softeners from commercial brands or artificially scented laundry detergents. Scenting clothe can be done naturally with just a few drops of essential oils.
To scent your towels and bathrobe for your spa day wash as usual using your detergent of choice. During the rinsing cycle add a few drops of essential oils. Dry on drier or hang outside in a sunny day.

Enjoy your Spa Day!

Fill your bathtub with warm water and add the cup of sea salt from your kitchen cabinet, a few drops of olive oil and the flower petals. Make a pillow by rolling one of the scented towels, and hang your bathrobe close for when you're ready to head out. Get in, get your book and relax! The scent from the petals will dissolve in the warm water and help you relax, the few drops of olive oil are great as a moisturizer while the salt helps relax those sore muscles.

Spa days don't have to be expensive and chances are you have everything you'll need in your own kitchen. Just remember to save those flowers for your next one!

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