Natural Pedicure for Beach Ready Feet all Year'round!

They keep you up, keep them healthy

Natural Pedicure for Beach Ready Feet all Year'round!

Keeping your feet beach ready all year'round can be a load of work and expensive! A weekly mani-pedi can go from $40 or more, not mentioning the time to travel to the location, gas and parking in some cases. Then there is the risk of low sanitation standards at the nail salon, toxic chemicals in nail polish and a myriad of other things.

Natural Pedicure for Beach Ready Feet all Year'round!

If you're like the majority of women concerned for their health and their pockets then a Perfect Natural Manicure or Pedicure might be the right choice for you.

To have really gorgeous perfect natural mani-pedi a few must products are required:

  • nail files set or multi-surface nail file - a good nail file or a set makes a huge difference when it comes to care for your nails. The kind of nail file you need will depend on your nails and how you plan to use it. To shorten your natural nails use a nail-file with a 180-grit. To shape your nails use a finer nail file (the higher the number the finer it is). Trying to shorten or shape your natural nails with a coarser nail file will damage your nails making them prone to chips and splits. Metal nail files, although easier to sterilize and long lasting are not recommended if your nails are too thin or fragile as they tend to be hard on the nail.
  • nail scissors - a good pair of nail scissors are a must to trim down a broken nail and clean any ragged skin around the nail, but never use them to cut your cuticles! Cuticles should never be cut down, just pushed, as they help protect the nail bed from infection and fungi.
  • angle-tipped nail stick - the perfect tool to gently push back the cuticles! A must on any mani-pedi kit. This little tool needs to be replaced at least once a year, as the wood can harvest bacteria.
  • buffing block or buffing disk - when it comes to make those natural nails shine, a buffing block or disk is the way to go! If you don't have a buffing block invest in a good one. Try not to use the buffer and shiner from your multi-surface nail file for more than once a week as these very fine files will thin and weaken your nails faster.
  • good organic cuticle oil - (optional) a good organic well balanced cuticle oil is the key for healthy natural nails, so invest in a good one! Our All Over Oils are made with organically grown vegetable oils using well balanced formulas designed to moisturize, hydrate and soften even the most resilient dry cuticles.
  • a good feet scrub - when it comes to feet, they can get pretty dull very fast! To smooth out those rough areas, exfoliate with a good organic or natural feet scrub. You can buy it from a reputable manufacturer of all natural skin care or you can make yours at home in just a few minutes! Check our FABULOUS DIY Sweet & Salty Tropical Foot Scrub recipe.

*Don’t forget to keep your tools clean and sterilized to avoid nail infections.

Perfect Natural Pedicure Step by Step

A Naturale pedicure is achieved very easily with these easy to follow steps:

Step 1 - Using small scissors, carefully clean up any ragged skin around the nail without cutting cuticles. Cuticles help protect the nail bed from infection and fungi and they shouldn't be removed.

Step 2 - Fill a small basin half way through with warm water or enough water to cover your feet. Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt. Soak feet for about 5-10 minutes (or longer for extra dry damaged feet). Sea salt helps remove dead cells and soften rough skin.

Step 3 - After soaking, dry your feet an apply a good feet scrub to remove all dead skin cells left behind, moisturize and help soften skin. If you don't have a good natural one (not petroleum based) then try any of our Bath & Body Oils. Pay special attention to rougher areas. Rinse to remove salt and pat dry your feet.

Step 4 - Using an angle-tipped nail stick, gently push back cuticles toward the base of the nail. If cuticles are still too hard to push, dip your feet back in the water for a few more minutes or apply a drop of the cuticle oil on each cuticle and massage.

Step 5 - Shape toenails with a nail file. Avoid sawing back and forth as this can damage the nail causing the nail to split; instead file in one direction only.

Step 6 - Using the buffing block or disk, buff the entire surface of the toenails in a side-to-side motion to make them shine.

Once you go Au Naturale, you won't go back! Not only will you be saving money, but your toenails will be healthier than ever and you'll have more free time!

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