Sustainable Living: Essential Tips for a Greener Bathroom

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Sustainable Living: Essential Tips for a Greener Bathroom

For years we have been wasteful and inconsiderate with our planet. We've filled our landfills with an incredible amount of garbage that might never decompose or take thousands of years to.

Sustainable Living: Essential Tips for a Greener Bathroom

Toxic materials are released in our water-streams that should have never been produced in first place. But how do we change the faith of our beautiful planet?

Simply by taking action and greening our homes and lives.

Other countries have done it for years, but Americans are way behind in this task and it's time for a change, a big one!

To GREEN your house start with your bathroom!

  • Use water sparingly! Our rivers are drying out and that's because we waste too much water on everything around the house, especially in our bathrooms! shorten your showers and reuse the water from your bathtub to water your plants.
  • Avoid using plastic containers and if you must try to buy refills instead.
  • Recycle as much as you possibly can. These days recycling facilities and containers are everywhere. Many companies offer to recycle their own packaging giving incentives in the form of coupons or free products, so take advantage of them.
  • Have a few trash bins in your bathroom to recycle your bathroom disposables like metals, plastics and papers just like you do in your kitchen.
  • Try to avoid brightly colored products. Artificial colorants made with petroleum are contaminating our waters
  • Avoid products with plastic beads at all cost. These apparently innocent beads responsible to leaving your skin smooth, are killing our marine wildlife around the world.
  • Avoid liquid products and switch to solid ones, chances are these are packed in more eco-friendly packaging instead of plastic.
  • Prefer products in glass and metal containers over plastic as these can be recycled more easily and with less toxic waste.

If we all do our part in controlling our waste, our world will be a better one.

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