Collection: My Skincare Routine

"Knowing your skin type is the first step in achieving healthy skin." Manuela Valenti

Identifying your skin type, helps achieve two things, a) understand what it needs, b) finding the right products for it.

There are ONLY 4 skin types: Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination.

The most common skin type, and quite often confused with Oily skin, is Combination skin, which can include any combination of Normal, Oily and Dry skin types, or all three separated by segments throughout the face, most commonly being Oily on the "T Zone".

My Combination skin is composed of all three — Oily, Dry and Normal. Lucky me! Based on my skin type and needs, this is my personal Skincare Routine, and the products I regularly used to care of it.

Want to have our team personalize the perfect skincare routine just for your skin type? Please reach out! We'll be happy to help.

The Products I Love

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Skincare Tips

Japanese Matcha Tea & French Green Clay Beautifying Facial Clay Mask By Valenti Organics Organic Skincare


Step 1 in BVO's System
- Cleansing is the first step in any beauty ritual; The one in charge of removing all makeup, bacteria, contaminants and excess sebum, to create a clean canvas for what follows next.

As a 55 y/o post menopausal woman I can see the dramatic changes my skin has taken in the past 6 years. One thing that hasn't changed much is my cleansing method. These are my favorite products.

Follow the instructions of each product to maximize their results. Feel free to reach out if you need a personalized system for your skin type and needs.


Step 2 BVO's System
- Because my skin is combination and includes normal, oily and dry, I use all three masks at once on the areas that they benefit me the most.

Japanese Green Tea Clay Mask on the dry patches of skin; Black Lava Clay Mask on my oh so oily "T" zone; Rooibos Red Clay Mask on the normal areas on my face.

Don't forget to get the mixing bowl! A dedicated tool for the task is always the best!


Step 3 in BVO's System
- The application of toners is one of the most important steps in any respectable beauty routine, and the one quite often overlooked.

It always follows after either cleansing or masks, to prepare the skin for the better absorption of serums, moisturizers and oils.


Step 4 of BVO's System - Nourishing is the last step in our System and it also follows a set of rules.

Aqueous or water based serums go first! These serums absorbed rather quickly into the outer layer of the skin.

Lotions and creams follow right behind! Lotions and creams are emulsions which combine water, active ingredients and oils into one mighty powerful product.

Oils are the Cherry on Top! Oils or oil-based serums are the last one to go on my face to seal in moisture and protect, allowing the slow release active ingredients to work.

TIP: To prevent smothering my skin, the serums and oils in my collection are applied throughout the week rather than all on top of each other.