Collection: My Skincare Routine

"Knowing your skin type is the first step in achieving healthy skin." Manuela Valenti

Identifying your skin type, helps achieve two things, a) understand what it needs and won't need, b) finding the right products for it.

There are ONLY 4 skin types: Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination.

The most common skin type, and quite often confused with Oily skin, is Combination skin, which can include any combination of Normal, Oily and Dry skin types, or all three separated by areas throughout the face, most commonly being Oily on the "T Zone".

I have Combination skin, and I'm one of the lucky ones with all three — Oily, Dry and Normal skin types on my face. Based on my skin type and needs, this is my personal Skincare Routine, and the products I regularly used to care of it.

Want to have our team personalize the perfect skincare routine just for your skin type? Please reach out! We'll be happy to help.

The Products I Love